How to test the built in spamassassin auto update feature on Ubuntu server 20.02

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I am running an Ubuntu 20.04 based LEMP server, and I have properly set up an email system and added spamassassin to it. Prior to this post, spamassassin was sending me the following email notification on a regular basis:

error: unable to refresh mirrors file for channel, using old 
channel '': could not find working mirror, channel failed
sa-update failed for unknown reasons

To fix this, I simply imported the official spamassassin gpg signing key into spam assassin with sudo sa-update --import spamassassinGPG.KEY. Now when I run sudo sa-update -D -v spamassassin sucessfully updates itself. However, I have not gotten a report from the self installed spamassassin cron job (or cron daily or whatever SA auto updates with), and thus have not gotten any email notification letting me know spamassassin's auto update feature was successful.

My question is, how can I trigger the spamassassin auto-update feature manually to test and see if auto-updating will actually work. I just want to be sure there is not some sort of permissions issue or something, since I am using sudo before the sa-update -D -v command. Could anyone help me figure out how to manually test the SA auto-update feature so I know its going to work without having to wait for the SA auto-update feature to trigger itself next week?


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