how to map custom domain to azure cdn endpoint

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I am trying to map my custom domain to my Azure CDN endpoint as instructed here. The end goal being to host a static site with custom domain in blob storage. The original instructions are here but the steps are very fragmented. I am trying to setup the CNAME but it doesn't seem to be working. Its also frustrating to have to try something, then wait for DNS to propogate to see if I did it right or not.

So right now I have the storage and the CDN endpoint and now I'm at the step where I'm adding a custom domain and it gives me this error. In namecheap, I created a cname and set the host to my custom domain and value to the URL.

Can someone help me fix what I'm doing wrong or help me verify that I did it right so I can just wait for DNS to propogate? Thanks!

Azure Error

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It seems to me that what you are doing is correct and you just need to wait for DNS propagation.

You can use dig @ to verify that your DNS settings are correct.

Other than that just wait :)

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Thanks for the help! I got it to work by changing the host to www in namecheap and also on the CDN making the endpoint www.<mysite>.com. I think when it was right it finally propogated in 15 minutes or so. For some reason, namecheap wouldn't take a wildcard for the host name. I'll keep trying on that but getting the www subdomain working is sufficient for now.

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