ACL to block certain vcloud pages unless from certain IPs

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I have a need to block a tenant URL in vcloud and have managed to do this for the direct attempts, ie, but I can't seem to block the


I need to wildcard, it but how do I do that in HAProxy-speak?

This is what I have at present:

acl trusted_ip src IP1

acl trusted_ip src IP2

acl trusted_ip src IP3

acl trusted_ip src IP4

acl trusted_ip src IP5

acl protected_page path_beg -i /cloud/org/tenantname/

acl protected_page path_beg -i /tenant/tenantname

acl protected_page path_beg -i /login/?service=tenant:tenantname

acl protected_page path_beg -i /api-explorer/tenant/tenantname

block if !trusted_ip protected_page

All seem to work apart from this one:

acl protected_page path_beg -i /login/?service=tenant:tenantname

Any help would be much appreciated


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