Alternative to Gmail Postfix relay

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I have been using Gmail as a Postfix relay for years. Works perfectly. But it seems that on May 30th 2022 this will be disabled by Google. They will not allow us to use "less secure apps" that rely only on username/password authentication.

So I need a solution. I need either a way to continue using Gmail as a Postfix relay or I need an alternative to Gmail (free and that doesn't block my emails due to spam policies).

Sending email directly from the server is not an option. I need a Postfix relay.

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related: [Postfix using OAuth2 authentication for relay host](
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There is an option called "App passwords" in the security tab of the Google account dashboard. It is only available after you enable 2-step verification. This option provides a single use password that can be used in Postfix relay. It seems that this option will remain available after May 30th 2022.


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