Find who owns a lease of a blob resource in Azure

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assuming I found a blob resource with a lease (Azure Storage Classic), I would like to understand what resource owns that lease in order to take action

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I own a personal Azure subscription where I run my own IaaS machine, a Linux server. A few years ago, I created that server using SuSE Studio tool but now I have upgraded it to Leap and it's living its own life.

Recently, I snapshotted (deprovisioned) and recreated the VM from its very image for reasons unrelated to this question (mainly, I wanted to try IPv6, which required a new virtual network, which required recreating the VM).

Now I have an Azure RM machine with two disks. The disks are enumerated in the resource group of the VM. Say...

  • my-resource-group
    • myvm
    • myvm-disk-0
    • myvm-disk-1
    • myvm-nsg (network security group)
    • myvm-firewall (firewall)
    • myvm-lan* (virtual network)
    • myvm-vnet* (virtual network)
    • myvmstorage (blob storage for boot diagnostics)
    • vault555 (recovery service credentials)
    • anotherstorage (storage account)
  • One may be redundant

Now, in the storage account anotherstorage I found very old blobs from the past eras, especially snapshots of older VMs. I knew I could safely delete them

But in the suse-studio container I found two vhd blobs with a lease.

Older Azure VMs used blob storage to store their disks. It was a few years ago. Now I see a blob named MyVM-Home-1008-1.vhd which supposedly contains /home, and a 10GB a1qc3mhw.juv201410081931160354.vhd which could be the system drive.

Both blobs are lease-protected. Last modified is 2018 for the system drive, 2022-03-29 for the home (perhaps the day I deprovisioned the server).

My question is: how do I make sure that the lease is a false positive and the VM is not using these VHDs anymore? I must migrate to AzureRM by 2024 and I can't migrate that storage account. If the VHDs are unused, I could delete them. As you can see above, I already have two Azure disks that are also encrypted at rest by Azure platform.

How can I check what Azure resource is holding the lease to blobs? Or is it possible that somebody didn't release the lease once I deprovisioned the server?

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