How can I assign same private IP to two azure vm having differnt MAC address? only one vm will be providing service at a time

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I have two vms behind the Azure Load balancer working as High availability that is only one vm is providing service at a time, other vm will be in passive state. I want to keep same IP address on both VM how can I achieve that? health probe should send probe on to the both VMs.

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You can use something like [keepalived]( to manage your vip, assigning it to whichever of your two nodes is active. Alternately, you can assign the vip to a load balancer that sits in front of your two vms.
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If your VMs are linux you can use keepalived to achieve what you want.

Each VM has it's own IP address, but a separate virtual_ipaddress is configured that is initially bound to the master VM and if that one fails the backup VM takes it.


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