High load and file descriptors but idle cup usage

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I have a problem with NFS & PHP. I changed the NFS mount on some of my servers using Ansible, but I forgot to change the NFS mount on this server. After 4-5 days, I saw the system load on this server at around 50 (the server has 8 cores!), but CPU usage has not changed. I troubleshoot and change the NFS mount to the correct one ( in screenshots when load stays at 50 and file descriptor goes down). But my question is, why does load stay up? For this question, I try to find the answer. At first, I think the problem relates to this link, but my kernel version is newer than this problem,
and using this link I find out this:

$ sudo psn
=== Active Threads ===============================================
 samples | avg_threads | comm            | state                  
    4600 |       46.00 | (php)           | Disk (Uninterruptible) 

So I think the main problem is with PHP, and I have no idea how to find out which PHP process has a problem!

File descriptor chart
Load chart


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