OpenSwan GW not routing VLAN traffic through tunnel

pk flag

I do have a tunnel configured using OpenSwan on a side and libreswan on the other. The issue seems to be on the openswan side, where I do have 2 subnets, one for the main interface, the other is on a VLAN let's say: eth0 eth0.22 on the other side I do have eth' tunnel on the two sides are configured properly.

conn standard_interface
conn vlan_interface

Once ipsec gets started I can ping from a host in the fist network the network on the other side, but from the second network, the one on the vlan, there's no way of pinging the hosts on the network behind the VPN tunnel. I'm quite sure that the problem is VLAN related, as if I invert the declaration of the networks I always get traffic only on the LAN on the normal ethernet card (not VLAN). I tried even disabling the working LAN and leaving the interface in the VLAN itself, without a result. I hope someone can help.


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