snuffleupagus yelling about disabled functions in phpmyadmin setup

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What I am working on is a self setup arch with a LAMP stack, onto which I also want to add phpMyAdmin, and it is complaining about some disabled functions.

Here is the file after I have commented out everything phpMyAdmin was complaining about, compared to the recommended default.

I am not entirely sure why phpMyAdmin complains about these defaults but I have also tried a brief installation of matomo and wordpress, plus the classic phpinfo() and none displayed the slightest error.

PHP is set up with the php-fpm method. Mariadb is initialized and I am creating a static password to test stuff, which I can then use with the root account. Also setting up phpMyAdmin according to the wiki.

I assume this one is in phpMyAdmin's basket? Do they need to update their stuff so it works with tighter rules? What am I missing here?

PHP 8.1.6

Mariadb 15.1

phpMyAdmin 5.2.0

It doesn't let me add the snuffleupagus tag because I'm new but it's a security module for PHP and it can disable parts of PHP as a whole


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