Unable to reserve external IPv6 address on GCP

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I have a Google Cloud account and I am using a Compute Engine VM. Recently GCP started providing IPv6 for their VM instances. And I am in a supported region: us-east.

I created a new custom VPC with dual stack. In IP addresses under VPC network, I see the new IPv6 address assigned and used by my instance as an External, but Ephemeral address. Please look at the last line of the figure below:

GCP IP addresses screenshot

I have no problem with the newly assigned IPv6 address on my instance. However, I want to reserve that address and make it Static. While trying to use the RESERVE button for this, it returns: Error: Request contains an invalid argument.

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Go to the Reserve a static address page Choose a name for the new address.

Specify whether it is an IPv4 or IPv6 address. Global IPv6 addresses can only be used with global load balancers.

Specify whether this IP address is regional or global. If you are reserving a static IP address for an instance or for a regional load balancer, choose Regional. If you are reserving a static IP address for a global load balancer, choose Global.

If this is a regional IP address, select the region to create the address in.

Optional: Select a resource to attach the IP. Click Reserve to reserve the IP.

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Thanks for the answer. Unfortunately, the form at _does not allow_ me to select **IPv6** and **Regional**. (And I had already tried the **Global** type with no success.)

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