Cyclone DDS: running ddsperf script

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I have a problem running the perfscript that comes with Cyclone DDS, see Here, to measure throughput and latency.

I have a setup with two identical containers that cloned, built and installed CycloneDDS and they can both ssh into each other without passwords (this is just for testing). Both containers are able to talk to each other when I manually use ddsperf on them (run pub on one, sub on the other). The perftest script needs to find ddsperf which is located at /cyclonedds/build/bin/ddsperf.

Now, on one of the containers (call it local) I use perftest like this: ./perftest -d '../cyclonedds/build' root@remotes-ip

I use the -d option to indicate where the remotedir is that contains /bin/ddsperf. If you don't add this option, the default value of $pwd will be used.

The script starts running but everything seems to fail, see this output extract.

I think this can be due to two reasons: (1) the network interface is chosen wrongly or (2) the ddsperf script cannot be found on the remote container. However, I'm not sure how I can solve this problem. Any help would be great!


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