Pi Hole -- Safari (mac) fails to load site, Chrome doesn't

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I have recently run into issues accessing a specific site ( in Safari 15.5 on macOS Monterey. The site loads something, as I can see some results in the Network->Response preview in Developer Tools. However, nothing is fully rendered on-screen. The site loads perfectly via Chrome. This is a new issue in Safari, as I was able to hit that site for years with no issue.

Further compounding the problem is that I am using PiHole as an ad blocker. This setup has been in place for years, as well, and never gave me an issue. When I remove PiHole from the mix entirely -- no ad blocking, use router DHCP instead, etc. -- Safari is once again able to render the site with no problem.

I've tried flushing my DNS cache and restarting the DNS responder by running

sudo dscacheutil -flushcache; sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder

I've tried keeping the PiHole config in place for DHCP but disabling all ad blocking. None of those things worked. Any idea what else I could try?

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The easiest way to rule out that the pi-hole is creating the problem is to set the DNS on your mac to something else (google's public dns for example). To me, this sounds like the website updated to a version incompatible to the safari browser...

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