How do I set a public static IP address to a storage account?

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I have an Azure storage account with a blob endpoint of: '', (and queues etc.). I want to choose a static IP Address, because some of my more zealous customers want to only allocate a known set of IP addresses through their firewall. I have already provided them with the list of Azure IP ranges for my Azure region, but they don't want to allocate such broad ranges.

1 Azure portal | Add new resource "Public IP Address", allows me to add a public static IP address for a virtual network gateway (VNG?). Can I re-route all traffic through a VNG to the approriate storage endpoints?

2: Azure API management could be configured with a public static IP, then adding a 'pass through' route.

Each client's app.config would need "AzureWebJobsStorage" updated to send requests through an API Management route for each endpoint type use the 'explicit storage endpoint connection string

3: Alternative to APIm: dotnet YARP as a reverse proxy hosted on an Azure WebApp and manage re-routing that way.

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