How to apply new default kube-scheduler config?

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Kubernetes version 1.22. Cluster created by kops.

I'm trying to alternate default kube-scheduler config (adding profiles) as descibed here .

kind: KubeSchedulerConfiguration
  - schedulerName: default-scheduler

But simple kubectl command fails:

kubectl apply -n kube-system -f scheduler-config.yaml
error: unable to recognize "scheduler-config.yaml": no matches for kind "KubeSchedulerConfiguration" in version ""

The KubeSchedulerConfiguration is in "". Should I use some another command to apply it?

Thank you for any help!


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Hi Serguei Kamchiline welcome to S.F. Have you tried `kubectl api-versions` against that cluster to see which version it _does_ support? You may want to try examining the existing `KubeSchedulerConfiguration` in the cluster to see what version they are. Good luck!
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Thank you @mdaniel for the reply! You're right, the API version is not among supported ones... It seems the only way to update the scheduler config is to copy it on the master node manually and restart the scheduler....
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