Windows 2012 Server Task not running

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I have two exactly equal Tasks created on Windows 2012 Server.

One of them is set to run only When User is logged in, and the other is set to run whether user is logged in or not.

What happens is, the one set to run when I'm logged, automatically runs when i log in, and that's what is expected.

My problem is, the other one, does not run when I'm logged, or if I do not log in, not even manually.

Can anyone give me a hint on what might be wrong here?

This are the settings of the Task number 1:

This are the settings of the Task number 2:

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I'd recommend adding screenshots of the settings. First thing, is the actual scheduled task enabled?
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@Travis Just added Screenshots. Both of then are enabled, although Number 1 appears as "Ready" and Number 2 as "Running"
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Can you take a look at the "History" tab and see if you can find interesting things in there?
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@Swisstone This is the History of the number one (run when user is logged in). because logged in it's already running normally and manually if I want to This is the history of number 2 (run whether I'm logged in or not). it appears eveything is ok, but it did not run, and not even manually

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