Error with database authentication in Apache Guacamole

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I'm setup a new Ubuntu Server 22.04 VM and am following the documentation here:

Guacamole 1.4 installs fine along with Tomcat9 and Nginx proxy; I can access the site fine with user-mapping.xml

After installing MariaDB, importing the schema files and placing extensions / lib files I am getting an error on the site:

An error has occurred and this action cannot be completed. If the problem persists, please notify your system administrator or check your system logs.

However I am not seeing any errors in Tomcat's catalina log files to further troubleshoot.


# Hostname and port of guacamole proxy
guacd-hostname: localhost
guacd-port:     4822

# Allow 24 hours for sign-ins
api-session-timeout: 1440

# Database authentication
mysql-hostname: localhost
mysql-port: 3306
mysql-database: guacamole
mysql-username: guacamole_user
mysql-password: mZWY********9YoA
mysql-server-timezone: America/New_York

I'd appreciate any help with where I'm going wrong and/or locate the necessary log files to troubleshoot.


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