Configuring DHCP Split Scope via PowerShell

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In Windows Server DHCP console (GUI), having two servers available, it is simple enough to "Split-Scope" and create an 80/20 situation:

Right-click over any scope on the first server (of two) > Advanced > Split-Scope

Split-Scope in DHCP console

Following the wizard, the scope is re-created in the second server, and by means of exclusions, the address pool is split (one server is excluding 20% and the other is excluding 80%). Naturally, the end hosts are unaware of this configuration.

So far so good.

What I cannot find anywhere is how to accomplish this same thing via PowerShell.

Note: This question should NOT be confused with "Configuring Failover", which is accomplished using PowerShell cmdlet "Add-DhcpServerv4Failover".

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