Restore files from Amazon Glacier

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The process of retrieving/restoring files from Amazon Glacier seems complex.

I was following, using the following commands, but I need help seeing how to open a vault and browse its contents to restore files (like opening a zip file).

Is this possible? Or is Amazon Glacier the wrong product?

The backups are uploaded from a Synology NAS app. If the NAS dies, we need a recovery process.

Commands I have run so far in AWS CLI:

# List available vaults within Glacier
aws glacier list-vaults --account-id 123456789

# Initiate retrieval job
aws glacier initiate-job --account-id 123456789 --vault-name VAULT_BACKUP --job-parameters "{\"Type\":\"inventory-retrieval\"}"

# Get inventory list
aws glacier get-job-output --account-id 123456789 --vault-name VAULT_BACKUP --job-id abcd12345 outfile.json

# Obtain required ArchiveId from JSON file
aws glacier initiate-job --account-id 123456789 --vault-name VAULT_BACKUP --job-parameters "{\"Type\":\"archive-retrieval\",\"ArchiveId\":\"qwerty12345\"}"
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