Windows DNS randomly responds with SOA NS

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Strange behavior at the client.

Monitoring software is set to ping a hostname every minute

Checks with Windows DNS server, which forwards the query to F5 GTM if needed.

It resolves hostname successfully 95% of the time.

I ran packet capture and on failed attempts, I see this:

3666460 10:58:45.307259 DNS 95 Standard query 0xc03d A

3666467 10:58:45.307434 DNS 146 Standard query response 0xc03d A SOA

This is reported as no such host in monitoring software (Elastic/Kibana)

Few minutes later, success:

5249235 11:04:45.312721 DNS 95 Standard query 0x6806 A

5249237 11:04:45.312798 DNS 111 Standard query response 0x6806 A A

Any ideas why this is happening randomly? Where should I look?



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I know this is not much help, but I've had issues with MS-Win DNS in the past, after testing a large=ish sample set on both MS-Win and Bind on Linux, I switched to the latter.
I sit in a Tesla and translated this thread with Ai:


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