How to use top without interactivity?

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I want to periodically monitor the CPU usage and plot in time series. Not having much knowledge, I plan to use the top command, something like this question (Monitor cpu usage (and perhaps memory using) for a single process simple as possible). However, when I issue command like "top -c -p PID", I want it to output then exit automatically without manually type q or ctrl-c. And if not using top, what other command can achieve the same function without interactivity?

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maybe look at sysstat package for tools related to collecting system metrics.
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PS can do also the job
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If you want to monitor the things for particular process you can use command:

ps -flp <PID>

if you want to monitor overall performance of the system you can use vmstat from sysstat package:

vmstat 1 2

and get the second line (first is average from the server start)

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From "man top", I find that using the option "-b" and "-n" can solve the issue.

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