Can you use virsh to reset vm id sequence?

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Question in regards to "Id" for running VMs, using virsh running local Qemu VMs.
command virsh list will bring up a list of the current running VMs defined, eg,
Id Name State
1 ubuntu running
upon stopping and undefining the current VM (ubuntu)
the next newly defined VM (domain) will have the "Id" of 2 instead given the "Id" of 1

Is there a way to reset this Id? or further manage this assignment? Can't seem to find more documentation on this topic when browsing the libvirt documentation.

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For what purpose you need that? What is your real problem which you want to solve this way? This ID is [runtime information](; it has no meaning for stopped VMs.
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Thanks @NikitaKipriyanov, yup I've came across the second page through one of my searches, now skimming through the first reference you provided + running VMs + rebooting my host machine, now I see that the "Id" is a runtime reference of the running VM number for the current Libvirt session. eg, if you stop and start a VM it increases for the newly started job (VM), if you reboot your machine it restarts from Id #1 for the first VM that the host machine started.
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