Eventarc Triggers Not Receiving Events When Deployment Packages Managed by ACM

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I am provisioning my project-related GCP resources using Anthos Config Management (ACM). For one of my use cases, I configured an Eventarc trigger to activate a Cloud Run service when a new cloud run service is created. However, I am experiencing an issue with receiving events from Eventarc for deployment packages managed by ACM. The setup works as expected when I use the gcloud command for provisioning resources, and I can see the events coming in. I would like to understand how I can make it work with ACM.

Expected behavior:

Events should be received from Eventarc for deployment packages managed by ACM, similar to the behavior observed when using the gcloud command.

Current behavior:

Events are not received from Eventarc when deployment packages are managed by ACM.

Additional information:

This issue occurs only when using ACM for resource provisioning, while it works as expected with the gcloud command. The main goal is to understand how to make Eventarc work seamlessly with ACM for this use case.

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Resolved. It requires `*` for methodName
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