Da Vinci Resolve: How to open and execute a putty terminal in Ubuntu 20.04?

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I'm trying to install Da Vinci Resolve for Ubuntu using a guide on the Blackmagic forum which tells me to open a "putty terminal" by pressing Ctrl + Alt + F1 but this locks my screen. I've already installed Putty but am not sure how to proceed.

I'm not that savy with linux so all help would be welcome. Here's the link to the forum guide I was referring to:

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There are at least 2 problems with that guide> (1) Terminology - "putty-terminal" is just dumb and from someone who's a Windows user trying to look smart and failing miserably (puTTY is a Windows terminal emulator of sorts) and (2) IMPORTANT - the reason given for accessing the TTY is to install Nvidia binaries - DON'T DO THIS!! Nvidia drivers are available in the Ubuntu repositories and in any current release are typically installed by default and even if not they SHOULD be installed from the repos. So, ignore that part.

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