Set up keyboard shortcut to rewind audio 1 second?

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I'm using Ubuntu 20.04. I'm working with an embedded player on page, and the system has a shortcut Ctrl + / which plays/pauses audio and rewinds 1 second. However, trying to use it on Ubuntu, I found that Ctrl + / is a preset shortcut for Select All.

I tried to disable it, but it's not in the list of keyboard shortcuts. So the only way I found to disable it is to set up a new shortcut and put /bin/false in command. However, this just makes Ctrl + / not do anything (and when it's not disabled, it would do both - select all, but also pause/rewind).

So is there a way to disable the Select all separately? Or set up a new shortcut in such a way that it works as I want it to - play/pause + rewind 1 sec? (I have no idea what type of command to put in) If I set up a Ctrl + / shortcut in sound section, there is play/pause, but it stops and start playing from exactly the same spot, so it takes away the very useful feature of being able to listen back a tiny bit by doing the Ctrl + / once or twice.

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