Dont understand how to install ubuntu alongside windows 10...PLS HELP!

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I have windows preinstalled in my system and i made 110 gb of free unallocated space in my system.I want to dual boot it with ubuntu.But the thing that most confuses me is there are two options while installing 1.Ubuntu will take care of installing and will install alongside windows boot manager. 2.Manually installing If i go for the first option,will ubuntu install itself automatically in the unallocated space(110 gb)?And how much space will be provided to root,swap and home partitions? Bios mode:UEFI

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You haven't said which Ubuntu product you're talking about, nor which release. Ubuntu Core? Ubuntu Server? Ubuntu Desktop? further which release.
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How many partitions do you have? Please post the output of `sudo lsblk -o NAME,FSTYPE,SIZE,MOUNTPOINT,LABEL` in the live session and [edit]( the question. Alternatively, open GParted, and post a screenshot.
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If you want to unstall Ubuntu Desktop 20.04.3 then there is no need for multiple partitions as swap now uses a swap-file and having home on the same partition is not such a bad thing. So if you are usung a live USB to install, just go with option 1 from your question.

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