Gsd-color disable

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Is it possible to disable the gsd-colorprocess please ? this process keeps resetting my brightness with xrandr and i want to disable it on startup tried this :

  1. -- How-to -- The GNOME Settings Daemon's color plugin auto-start on/off switch is hidden by default. To make it visible:
  2. Open Terminal and type: sudo sed -i "s/NoDisplay=true/NoDisplay=false/g" /etc/xdg/autostart/.desktop ~/.config/autostart/.desktop To disable GNOME Settings Daemon's color plugin from auto-starting:
  3. Open Command via ALT+F2
  4. Type gnome-session-properties
  5. Scroll down to GNOME Settings Daemon's color plugin and disable the checkbox and close the startup pref. window.
  6. Now log-off to the login screen and log back in. Open Brightness Controller and set your colors / brightness. Open Chromium (or any other app that caused problem) and it should now keep your settings and never reset them.

found here :

but sadly it doesn't work !


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