Gnome brightness slider not working (Ubuntu 20:04.3 LTS)

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The slider on top right for brightness does not work but volume and microphone sliders do work. As a temporary workaround, xrandr can set brightness and a shell script is about as convenient as using the slider. The script is below and should be used as ./ 0.5 where 0.5 is the brightness you want to set it to. 1 is maximum and 0 is minimum.


# Sets brightness on scale of 0 to 1
xrandr --output DP-0 --brightness $1

Edit: DP-0 is the screen, it is usually the default but not always. If this script does not work for you, check your screen id.

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Looks like an answer to an unasked question.
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Please write this as a question, then provide your answer as an answer to that question. This is perfectly fine on this site, and you may even accept your own answer. I would, however, recommend you to try the utility `light` that works on the hardware level (e.g. `light -U 1` to decrease brightness and `light +U 1` to increase), which can be bound to a shortcut key. `light` is in the repository of Ubuntu 21.04, else is available on github.
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I’m voting to close this because it is not a question. Also, see, which has similar scripts.

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