How to install Ubuntu 18.04 over top of a broken 16.04 to 18.04 upgrade?

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While in the middle of an upgrade from a 16.04 server to 18.04, I inadvertently control-c'd the do-release-upgrade. This then seemed to cascade into oblivion as I attempted to apt-get dist-upgrade to fix the situation.

What is the proper way to reinstall 18.04 overtop of a broken installation such as this in order to maintain existing files (and data directories) of existing services?

I'm thinking it should be roughly as simple as running the 18.04 installer and NOT formatting the volume, bur rather simply mapping it appropriately... but I'd like to get some experienced input before I go down this road.

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You are exactly right: Run the installer without formatting. It's one of the installer options.

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