How to manually transfer Firefox settings to the snap version?

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I make use of Firefox sync but only for bookmarks, call me old fashioned but I choose not to send all my passwords for storage elsewhere.

Each time I start using a new computer, I transfer the directory:


to the new computer and make sure Firefox picks up its configuration from the files in that xxxxx.default directory. This has worked perfectly well for many years and many new machines.

I have just installed Ubuntu 21.10 on a new disk and Firefox is the Snap version.

Expecting to transfer the xxxxxxxx.default directory to: ~/.mozilla/firefox I am thwarted by the fact that the Snap version of Firefox hasn't created and thus doesn't appear to use ~/.mozilla

Does anybody know how to transfer Firefox configuration from one machine to another without using Firefox Sync ?

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I simply searched the disk for a file or directory named "firefox" and I now know that what was previously:




Thus I did what I normally do and I'm now using Firefox from the new disk and all is well.

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