No sound (Everest ESSX8336 sound card)

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I bought the huawei D16 to me and my wife. Her notebook has a realteck sound card inside and installing the ubuntu has no problem. But my version of this has Everest ESSX8336 inside. And when I sign in Ubuntu I haven't sound any where.

Linux github repo has changes for sound card. So, I have installed the latest ubuntu === 21.10 and update the kernel to 5.16-rc1. But it doesn't help to me.

I got only dummy output inside settings.

Screens from windows 10 where all is working correctly.

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

Screenshot 3

Screenshot 4

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It looks like the support changes have been commited to the 5.16 kernel. Current kernel for 21.10 is only 5.13, so you will need to wait a while.

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