How to enable web browser to open ~/Desktop/htdocs/index.html

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My web browsers can't open ~/Desktop/htdocs/index.html (located on the desktop).

I tried right clicking on .html that is outside the htdocs folder (I usually successfully use 'Open with' in my old system.) But this is a new system and one of the browsers in this new system worked well two days ago.

I tried using the data in Can't create a folder inside my local server? There is no folder with the name 'lampp' in opt folder (I don't know whether it is essential to read the content). The following command didn't work.

sudo chown $USER:webuser /opt/lampp/htdocs/
sudo chmod 755 /opt/lampp/htdocs/

The output was:

chown: invalid group: ‘myname:webuser’

So I couldn't proceed.

The only thing I want is to read the stuff in the htdocs (which is not protected). I have granted permission in the properties in the HTML document (text/html) file to use myself.

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`My web browsers can't open htdoc/index.html` How are you trying to access it? What do you get in your browser? Is your webserver configured? `There is nothing in opt folder` What do you mean by this? What does `opt` has to do with this? How did you install your lampp stack? Where is `hotdoc/index.html` located? Sorry for the pile of questions, but your question is very unclear as it is right now.
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@Dan: I have clarified the possible doubts.
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I edited your question based on what you said. If it is on `~/Desktop` is not on `/opt/lampp/`. For this case you can just `chown $USER:$USER`
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Thank you for your efforts for solving this issue. It was an error while copying the complete files from one system. A few of the files had missed. When I tried to copy all the files again it worked well. Thanks.

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