AdGuard Appliance On Pi 3 Fails to Boot

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I downloaded the AdGuard Home appliance for my Raspberry Pi 3 and flashed to an SD card using the Raspberry Pi Imager. When I try to boot the Pi, it gets stuck on the splashcreen with the Core logo. The green light on the Pi is flashing sort of like a heartbeat (think flash-flash, pause, flash-flash, pause) repeatedly, and the red light is on steadily. I'm able to flash and run Raspberry Pi OS Lite on this Pi with this SD card without issue, so I don't think the problem is with my Pi, SD card, or power supply.

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You have done all of the troubleshooting that you can. An Ubuntu Core Appliance has no user access to a shell or to other troubleshooting tools.

Please report the problem directly to the upstream authors. They created both the Snap and the Appliance.


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