Root file system on /dev/sda4 requires manual fsck

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I use ubuntu (latest version) and windows 10 dual. But now when I try to open ubuntu, it shows this, please help, I am no computer genius, and I really get lost with such kinds of errors, with not much help available.

/dev/sda4: One or more block group descriptor checksums are invalid. FIXED

/dev/sda4: Group descriptor 320 checksums is Ox5dfa, should be Oxc727.


(i.e. without -a or -p options)

fsck exited with status code 4

The root file system on /dev/sda4 requires a manual fsck

Busybox v1.30.1 (Ubuntu 1:1.30.1-4ubuntu6.3) built-in shell (ash)

Enter 'help' for a list of built-in commands.


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@Algnis Thanks a lot to you, for saving the day. It magically worked.
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I clicked the checkbox. I cant upvote though, not enough reputation. : )
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FYI: Your `busybox` shows `1:1.30.1-4ubuntu6.3 | focal-updates` which isn't the *latest* version; it's the *latest* LTS or four releases ago (2020-April release; latest currently is 2021-October)
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fsck /dev/sda4 -y

This command will definitely work

As it is written there /dev/sda4 needs a manual fsck, this command just give the manual fsck

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