Configure only an ip address for an isolated eth0 attached to an ip cam

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I have ubuntu 20.04 server on a raspberry pi 4B. It is connected to my lan via wlan0, no problem, using netplan. It is monitoring some BLE devices. Now I want to connect an IP cam to my ethernet port. I want eth0 to have ip address In the old days I would simply run ifconfig eth0 up in rc.local and also set up a cron job to make sure eth0 had not been dropped.

I would like to do this with netplan instead as part of learning this new system. Everything I find seems to screw up the routing. I want to leave everything alone except to assign the desired ip address to eth0. I know this should be trivial unless it is impossible. any help appreciated.

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Wouldn't the IP cam require DHCP?
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no. it has a static ip address
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Could you please [edit]( your question with the contents of the Netplan file you tried? You can also still install `ifconfig` and get the system working with the old way by installing both `net-tools` and `ifupdown` but if you are going to go with those you would have to remove or disable Netplan.
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I assume you don't have Network Manager GUI on your system? Because with GUI it's trivial.
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Actually I just wanted to know if there was a simple way to do it with netplan. I know about the workarounds. In the meantime I added a system D service which just runs a script to use ifconfig and also added a cron job to check if the interface has been dropped and assign the ip address to it again. BTW I am an old Linux user. Remember soft landing software?
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The netplan equivalent of ifconfig eth0 up is:

  renderer: networkd
  version: 2
      addresses: [ "" ]
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OK, thanks for that. It appear to work perfectly.

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