How to get to the Windows Desktop in WSL?

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I want to work in desktop directory from Ubuntu terminal in Windows 10,but I'm unable to open Desktop directory from terminal.

Ubuntu terminal

My Ubuntu is installed on the C: Drive but as i mentioned i want to work in the desktop directory. How can I do this?


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you should find your windows disks under /mnt or /media
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Does this answer your question? [Can I change directory to a Windows drive in Ubuntu Bash on WSL?]( Please search/research before asking. When asking, share your research. This saves everyone time and makes it easier to add details when asking. Also, please don't submit screenshots of a terminal- it's difficult to read and impossible for us to select or work with the information. Instead copy/paste and use [code fences](
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from /mnt directory i can accessc or drive but i want Desktop directory
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try at


where yourUsername is your Windows user name


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