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I have optical S/PDIF output as my primary sound output. Problem is, it takes about 1/2 second between when sound starts and when my output device starts the playback. I assume it is because the audio receiving side (a Logitech Z-5500) needs this time to detect the signal type. That means I miss the first 1/2 second of audio. Mostly a nuisance, especially for messages which have a short ping to indicate incoming messages.

One work around is to leave on music, or play audio at a frequency above hearing range (use Audacity to create a 30 kHz tone at low-volume).

Is there a better solution such as a configuration value that doesn't disable the S/PDIF signal when there is no audio being played?

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I assume you're using Linux Mint?
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@ThomasWard Correct. But it does (did) the same thing in Ubuntu.

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