Mapping `del` functionality onto another key doesn't preserve single-press repeat functionality

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My del key is working just fine with single-press repeat actin (i.e. if I keep it pressed, it keeps deleting characters) but if I try to map it (or the DEL functionality` onto another key, this breaks.

The mapped-onto-key still works for a single press, but not for repeat presses.

My ~/.Xmodmap looks just the same for both keys:

keycode 108 = Delete NoSymbol Delete NoSymbol Delete
keycode 119 = Delete NoSymbol Delete NoSymbol Delete

(Where 108 == original del key and 119 is the key I'm mapping onto)

I've tried a bunch of other ways of doing this besides Xmodmap, basically, everything I could find online after hours of looking and nothing works.

Even worst, this worked perfectly fine until a few months ago, when an update broke the functionality.

Any help as to how to map the del key functionality onto another arbitrary key while preserving the single-press repeat-action behaviour, would be appreciated, I'm stuck.

This is on ubuntu 20.4

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Have you tried mapping in xkb?
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Just before assigning keycode 108 remove Alt_R from modifiers, it depends on your layout (run xmodmap in terminal to see where Alt_R can be found), for us-layout it is:
remove mod1 = Alt_R
If you already did the mapping (without removing Alt_R from modifiers), first restore the original situation (so that Alt_R exists).


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