Seeing lots of screen tearing but only in Remmina

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On Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS, I recently switched from nouveau to the nvidia-driver-470 for my GeForce GT710 video card to improve stability. That has been successful, as I'm seeing much less random freezing (I was inspired by the stability improvements I found when I switched to nvidia-driver-470 on my Ubuntu 21.10 box). However, I'm seeing a lot of screen tearing (I hope I'm using the proper term) on my remote session via Remmina VNC.

To be clear, what I see in the remote window does not happen in the monitor connected to the PC. I found this thread and tried the 20-intel.conf solution suggested there (something I saw elsewhere had me under the impression that the video used for remote desktop doesn't go through the video card, but will use the built-in graphics, please feel free to confirm or correct me on this).

EDIT: I have also tried the NVIDIA X Server Settings solution from the linked page as well, to no avail.

Also, to make sure what I'm describing is truly screen tearing, what I see is partially-redrawn portions of the screen flashing through the top-most windows. For instance, if I have Files open, and am moving files around in it, I may see desktop icons briefly visible, or if I have several windows open, closing one of them may briefly show desktop icons or just elements of the bottom-most window before it settles down. This lasts usually a second or less, but it's very annoying.

If it weren't for the random freezes I was having, I would go back to nouveau, but at least the system is stable now.

I'm happy to provide any additional information needed to help troubleshoot this.


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