Installing Ricoh SP112 printer on Ubuntu 20.04

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A friend lent me an elderly Ricoh SP112 to get me out of a fix when my own printer failed. It self installs on Ubuntu and shows up on the available printers. I can print a test page from the buttons on the printer, but I can't print from the computer. When a job is sent to print, the printer light registers and continues to blink, without printing. When I check the print queue no job is registered. I have found some threads on various forums with the same problem, but they are all very old and for older versions of Ubuntu and the links no longer work.

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@user535733 The OP wrote they *can print a test page from the buttons on the printer* which is completely irrelevant except to maybe attest the printer is in good working condition.
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@ChanganAuto, mea culpa. You are, of course, correct.
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There's a PPA providing additional drivers for many Ricoh printers including the SP112 model.

Important note: The PPA in the following instructions is to be used ONLY in Ubuntu 16.04 (EoL, unsupported), 18.04 and 20.04. Following the pattern is reasonable to expect it will also support the upcoming LTS, 22.04, but only time will tell.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:lafricain79/lafricainenvrac
sudo apt update
sudo apt install ricoh-sp-series

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