Ubuntu often warn me about low space left on `/home`

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I have partitions (located on different disk) mounted as /home/USER folder. Ubuntu often warn me about low space left on /home.

Is there a way to prevent Ubuntu count these external mounted directory as space taken on /home ?

Thank you

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Are you using a supported release of Ubuntu? Which? Read and and [edit] your question, don't reply via Add comment.
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If you are using a Gnome-based distribution, then you can exclude specific directories from the low-storage notification via dconf-editor. Here's how:

  1. Open dconf Editor: Open dconf Editor
  2. Search for housekeeping and double-click "Ignore Paths": dconf Editor - Ignore Paths
  3. Add the directories you wish to exclude from the space calculation by adding them to the text box: dconf Editor - Path Entry Note: Be sure to use the full path and wrap it in a single quote. This needs to be written as an array of strings.
  4. Press "Apply" and close dconf Editor

Be careful not to exclude your entire home directory, as a full disk may prevent you from logging in.

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Unfortunately, I do not have any `housekeeping` entry in mu Ubuntu 20.04

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