Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS server installation wants to use wifi instead of ethernet

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I wanted to install Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS Server but everytime I get to the network connections it shows only wifi even tho I already plugged in an ethernet cable, it also wont show any way to set it to ethernet. I continued without a network connection but then I dont have access to internet even after trying to enable it with /etc/network/interface but ifup isnt pre-installed and when checking eth0 it wont find it.

network connection tab

How do I make it use ethernet?

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Better question why does it not see the Ethernet connect? Are the activity lamps on the card active?
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is the leds on your ethernet cable lit in both the ends of your cable?
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the led on the card is blinking, my router/modem has no leds
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How new is the hardware? Which Ethernet chip specifically? Some newer Ethernet chips didn't have native support in Ubuntu 20.04.
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Hardware came out 1 year ago (MSI H510I Pro WIFI) and the ethernet chip is Realtek RTL8125B. I bought it about 3 weeks ago.
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I managed to solve it like this:

First I checked the network devices

lshw -C network

It said that my network device is UNCLAIMED so I searched for a driver for my network chip, found and followed this:

after reboot it finally worked as intended.


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