Files missing from lbzip2 amd64 package for Ubuntu 21.10

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Installing the lbzip (2.5-2.1build1) package on AMD64 for Ubuntu 21.10 (impish) appears to be missing the actual binaries.

See the file list here:

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Please file a bug report for this issue.
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As a workaround you can download and install lbzip2 package from 20.04 LTS by

cd ~/Downloads
wget -c
sudo apt-get install ./lbzip2_2.5-2_amd64.deb

and pin its version by

cat <<EOF | sudo tee /etc/apt/preferences.d/pin-lbzip2
Package: lbzip2
Pin: version 2.5-2
Pin-Priority: 1337

to prevent its unnecessary upgrades.

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Thanks, that worked.
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@BITbyBIT Good to hear that worked for you. I'd still encourage you to file a bug report on [Launchpad]( so Canonical can be made aware of the issue. They don't pick up bug reports here on Ask Ubuntu. Thanks!
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Done. Apparently I am the first to report this. Also, note that installing the older package as a work around gets overwritten by subsequent updates to that package and the program files removed again, since the newer lbzip2 package is still missing its binary files.
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Thanks, I've added version pinning to the answer.

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