Uninstalling an app I'm not sure how it was installed

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Kubuntu 21.10

Foxit Reader is unstable as hell on my PC so I want to remove it, but I don't remember and now can't find how it was installed in the first place so I can do it right. dpkg didn't list it, Discover doesn't list it, snap doesn't list it, apt remove doesn't find it.

Now I'm happy just to delete the folder in /opt and delete the task menu icon, but I'd like to do it properly. What might I have missed?

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First run `sudo updatedb`. After that, what is the output of `locate foxit` and `locate Foxit`?
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Install Foxit Reader

source: the offical website

For Linux

Choose one of the following methods to install Foxit Reader:

Extract the package you downloaded, double click the executable file, and then follow the step-by-step instructions in the Installation Wizard to install Foxit Reader on your computer. Use the following Terminal command line:

a. Change the directory containing the downloaded file (used /tmp as the example):

# cd /tmp

b. Uncompress the executable file

# gzip -d ''

c. Untar the .tar file

# tar xvf ''

d. Run the installer:

# ./''

e. Follow the steps on the screen to complete the installation

Uninstall Foxit Reader

Double click the Uninstaller file in the Foxit Reader installation directory.

Official website:

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How do I find the installation method of an application?

If apt list --installed or snap list doesn't list the package, then it means:

  • You have installed it through some other Package Manager such as flatpak.

  • You have compiled from the source code.

As far as I know, Foxit reader isn't available for Flatpak or snap. Nor it's available for apt.

Usually, when someone wants to install a specific software they do:

If we:

So what is the conclusion?

As in the above section of the answer, we saw that both apt or snap or even flatpak don't have the package Foxit Reader in their repositories. Moreover, many people Google everything up to find packages. Which indicates you have compiled the package from the source.

How do I remove Foxit Reader?

Just run the uninstaller and hope for the best. In the help center of Foxit Reader, they have given a nice tutorial about the same.

Double click the Uninstaller file in the Foxit Reader installation directory.

N.B: You can use the following commands to extract the directory:

gzip -d '<name of the tar file>'
tar xvf '<name of the uncompressed file>'

Replace <name of the tar file> with the exact name of the file.

NOTE: You can get the archive mentioned in the help center from the official download page.


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