Highlighting does not follow cursor on external Monitor, Ubuntu 22.04

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I have a smaller laptop I run Ubuntu on an older laptop. All runs fine, I connect the laptop up to a monitor whilst I do some coding and dev work.

On the external monitor (22" FHD) When I try to highlight text, the highlight does not follow the cursor, and instead the highlighting springs into place when I release the mouse.

If I drag the same application or window to the laptop screen, the highlighting works as expected. It is a minor nuisance which makes it difficult to work. If I plug my macbook into the same monitor everything works correctly.

I have tried changing the refresh rate and various settings for the monitor and display but the problem persists.

Any ideas on what I could try would be amazing.

Thanks In advance

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Does this happen if you change from wayland to XSession? How to change I explained [here](
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