Sound is playing both from speakers and headphones, no options in AlsaMixer on ubuntu 22.04.1

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Ive connected second monitor and some cheap Phanasonic headphones to my ThinkPadE495. When I play any sound on my device either test sound in sound settings or Youtube video sound is coming both from headphones and laptop speakers. I`ve searched on StackExchange for a bit, everyone recommends to manually mute speakers via AlsaMixer, but I dont have such options. AlsaMixer with only "PCM" device available

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Have you tried `pavucontrol` ; ie. pulse audio volume control... it's where I'd head well before trying the *old* ALSA tools
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Welcome to the Ask Ubuntu community. Just to confirm the obvious: have you double-checked and made sure that the headphones are securely plugged into the audio port? I have sometimes plugged in a headset, and though it output audio, it wasn't enough to switch audio devices in the OS.
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Yeah, I`ve checked it. I have Ubuntu and Windows installed in double boot and those exact headphones work with windows just fine.
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Thanks to @guiverc


worked for me.

sudo apt install pavucontrol
sudo pavucontrol

and then drag volume of the second output to 0%


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