Incorrect behaviour for Super + dead grave (Switch windows of an application)

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I recently did a fresh install of Ubuntu 22.10. I have noticed that the keyboard shortcut to Switch windows of an application used to be Super+` (dead grave, under the ~) is not behaving as intended. I even tried to switch to a different shortcut (replacing Super with Alt, for instance), but the problem persists as it is an issue with the command, not the shortcut. It seems to work somewhat similarly to the Alt+tab combination. I see how it works in Nautilus, but when I have two terminal windows open, and I then try to switch between them, it goes directly to one of the Nautilus windows. Not the intended behaviour, of course.

On the other hand, the key combination Alt+F6, which is the default for Switch windows of an app directly, seems to work properly. Although the behaviour is not the same, it may get me through while Super+' is restored. In the meantime, I will reassign the Switch windows of an app directly to a different combination as the original one requires two hands, while the convenient Super+` only requires one.

Note: I have looked at other posts such as Cannot switch between windows of the same application and Task Switcher brings all windows of an application to the front, but neither seem to be about the behaviour I am describing.

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