Glitchy screen when trying to install Ubuntu from USB

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The USB is brand new. i launched Ubuntu in safe graphics mode and the screen goes like this and then goes completely black.

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I downloaded Rufus and Ubuntu 20.04 from their websites, then with Rufus copied Ubuntu to the USB then I cleaned the disk (Shift while resetting computer -> solve problem -> system symbol -> and emptied the disk) then I turned off and on the computer and selected safe graphics from the GNU GRUB menu, I launched safe graphics because I was following a tutorial.

I turned off the PC and tried the no safe graphics mode and it works!

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Does this answer your question? [My computer boots to a black screen, what options do I have to fix it?](
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What were the EXACT steps you took to make the boot USB? Why did you launch in safe graphics mode? You have not given all the info.
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Hello david sorry for the lack of details i downloades rufus and ubuntu 20.04 from their websites then with rufus copied ubuntu to the usb then i cleaned the disk (shift while reseting computer>solve problem>system simbol>and emptied the disk)then i turned off and on the computer and selected safe graphics from the GNU GRUB menu, i launched safe graphics because i was following a tutorial. sorry if you dont understand english isn’t my native language
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