Interference with xmodmap and fcitx5 allocation(Lubuntu 22.10)

gh flag
keycode 102 = Mode_switch
keycode 25 = w W Up Up
keycode 38 = a A Left Left
keycode 39 = s S Down Down
keycode 40 = d D Right Right
keycode 32 = o O BackSpace BackSpace
keycode 65 = space space Return Return

Xmodmap, the Muhenkan key is assigned to the input method off in fcitx5, so if you are typing Japanese and try to confirm a conversion by pressing Muhenkan + Space (Return), the input method is turned off and the input is lost. This does not happen with Windows AutoHotKey, but I could not find any useful information on how to fix this problem. (Translation may be wrong.)

I sit in a Tesla and translated this thread with Ai:


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