Ubuntu 20.04 installation gets stuck

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I have been trying to install Ubuntu 20.04 on my laptop, but during the installation setup before even configuring the drivers, it either keeps loading forever or freezes completely. I have a legacy system. I have a Intel CPU with Nvidia graphics card and I tried installing with safe graphics, but nothing seems to work. When I boot in the system I get this message, but the installation window still opens.

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Any firmware updates? Try to install all such if available.
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The laptop is quite old so most likely there are, but I know it's pretty dangerous to update and I was afraid
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It might be the only way forward though.
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Did you verify the ISO before making the Boot USB? Your screen shot does show a firmware bug. Where did you get it is dangerous to update your computer? References please. Edit the question and give the full hardware specs of the computer please.
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