What is the File Operation Progress popup?

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I frequently get a popup box saying File Operation Progress when using Thunar to copy files.

Another small box shows on the upper right side.

When I right click it, a box opens saying "File Operation Progress.'

What is that and how can I stop that?

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I did a complete purge of Thunar and a re-install.

The popup box continues to stay open after the file copying has completed.

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Which version of Ubuntu are you using?
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@Archisman Panigrahi UbuntuMate 20.04
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@ Archisman Panigrahi How do I do a complete purge of Thunar including all configuration files. I will then do a re-install of Thunar.
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The File Operation progress shows when there is a file being copied/transferred from one directory to another.

The second box that shows on the upper right is the Notification of the action ongoing. To disable the notification, either turn on DND mode, or under notification settings block that application from sending notifications.

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